The Orcam Low Vision device is a new technology that converts images into a voice pattern. This is very interesting technology which could have a lot of implications for low vision. In the past, Orcam has had some limitations because the technology required a stable platform to stand on.

Now that it is going to be a head mounted device, it could have a lot of applications. However, there are some issues to consider.

The amount of movement that is produced could cause problems with Orcam picking up the images. The device may now allow the Orcam to pick up the images to convert it into a text and ultimately into a voice message.

Also in regards to facial recognitions, the device uses movement to pick up the images of faces and signs. It remains to see if normal movements of the head will trigger certain functions on the device. We will be reaching out to the company to learn more about the Orcam, which is currently in development.

For the profoundly blind it may be a distraction because it requires them to identify objects by a nod or hand gesture, which would be difficult. It may also be hazardous because it gives the wearer auditory input that may distract them from other sensory input during travel.

We will bring you up to date as soon as we receive more information.