November 2006

At their 16th Anniversary banquet in Mineola, Long Island, on Sunday, November 5, 2006, the Long Island Portuguese Lion’s Club honored Dr. Ronald Siwoff for his contributions to restoring the sight of visually impaired Portuguese-Americans.

The L.I. Portuguese Lion’s Club began bringing visually impaired patients out to New Jersey to see Dr. Siwoff at about the time of the founding of the club. Victor Dovale was a club member looking for help for the Portuguese community, and he found Dr. Siwoff at the Eye Institute at (then) United Hospital, which was part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark.

Since those days, the club has sponsored several individuals, driving them a long distance to our practice in Denville, New Jersey. One of the patients, Sergio Ribeiro, attended the banquet and helped present a beautiful plaque to Dr. Siwoff. A number of dignitaries included the Lion’s Club Governor, as well as Jack Martins, Mayor of Mineola; and the club President, Elidio Mendes, also participated in the banquet ceremonies. The latter included the induction of Dr. and Mrs. Siwoff into the club, and the installation of new members of the Long Island Portuguese Leos Club, the teen arm of the Lion’s Club.

The Siwoffs also received a surprise gift of a week’s stay in Portugal next year, the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Pedro, New York restaurateurs and owners of Ipenema Restaurant in New York City.

The entire event was glorious. With a boundless array of traditional Portuguese foods and a great dance band, a wonderful time was had by all.