Dear Dr. Siwoff,

We can hardly express our gratitude to you, your lovely and kindhearted wife, Rachel, and professional staff for expertly diagnosing and treating M’s and A’s vision disorders. I am amazed at your brilliance, professionalism and sterling personality. You are truly one of a kind!

Within a year of wearing the prismatic glasses M’s learning abilities improved drastically; from being an average student to being the star in his class with high self esteem. He is not complaining on head aches, double vision and his amblyopia seems to be resolved.

Our delightful little A has been wearing the prisms for seven weeks consistently and is showing overall significant improvement. He is more attentive and interactive;  more aware of his body in space, tracking, grasping objects with both hands and smiling socially. I attached a clip of his initial response when we put on his glasses. He was smiling and clapping gleefully for the very first time. It was an overwhelmingly joyful moment!

It is always a pleasure to visit your luxurious, spacious, immaculate, beautifully designed office.  The state of the art equipment, convenient family room, … reading material for all ages, friendly, patient and courteous staff (I can go on and on…). It is all done with heart and generosity with your patients in mind.

May God bless you and your loved ones with a healthy and joyful life and continuous success in all your endeavors.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The D Family

A never clapped his hands before that moment. We were all standing around him clapping and cheering right after putting on his glasses. It was the first time he responded excitingly to us. He generally does not respond socially a lot, as in smiling or babbling, but within the last two weeks he’s reacting more and more socially. He’s progressing in all areas (We thank God).

Mrs. D