Siwoff Low Vision Center is the eye care practice for those who need specialized individual treatment.

We see those patients who have seen other doctors and therapists but have failed to find a satisfactory treatment resolution. We are here for the frustrated patient with serious eye diseases and reading difficulties. Even for those who have been told they have good vision, but still struggle with reading. Our goal is not simply to alleviate a problem with, for example, a magnifier or a telescope, but rather to actually improve the patient’s eyesight.

Siwoff Low Vision Center, PC, under the direction of Ronald Siwoff, OD, FAAO, DPL-ABO, treats patients with the following vision and neurological complications: macular degeneration, optic atrophy, glaucome, retinitis pigmentosa, uveitis, keratoconus, rod/cone dystrophies, corneal complications, head injury, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, vision problems secondary to neurological disease, dyslexia, amblyopia, strabismus, learning and concentration difficulties.