Siwoff Low Vision Center, PC, under the direction of Ronald Siwoff, OD, FAAO, DPL-ABO, treats patients with the following vision and neurological complications: macular degeneration, optic atrophy, glaucome, retinitis pigmentosa, uveitis, keratoconus, rod/cone dystrophies, corneal complications, head injury, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, vision problems secondary to neurological disease, dyslexia, amblyopia, strabismus, learning and concentration difficulties.

Message from our Director, Dr. Ronald Siwoff:

The Siwoff Low Vision Center utilizes the latest technology for treating vision problems that cannot be solved by a simple eye glass prescription. We have combined an active research program with a cutting edge clinical program to develop new treatments for vision loss. As a result, we have raised the standard of care for all low vision clinics. Our goal is not to alleviate a problem with, for example, a magnifier or a telescope, but rather to actually improve the patient’s eye sight.

Low vision care is rapidly becoming synonymous with occupational therapy, which gives patients compensatory techniques or aids to minimize the effects of vision loss and damage to the eyes. Our vision rehabilitation objective, on the other hand, is closely related to physiatry and rehabilitation medicine. We look for ways of actually strengthening, changing, and improving vision. We look forward to a time when the words “I’m sorry, but there is nothing that can be done to help you” are banished from every practitioner’s message library. Now that we have recently moved into our new and spacious office suites, we are inviting eye care specialists from around the globe to study with us and learn techniques that will save the sight of low vision patients in other countries, as well as in the United States.